Electronic Damping Control And Dynamic Driving Control in a BMW


BMW has always believed in churning out cars that offer a high level safety for it cars’ drivers and the other passengers. Check out the Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Driving Control features of its cars.

Electronic Damping Control

EDC or Electronic Damping Control is used for either manual or automatic adjustment of each damper according to the driving or road conditions. Now the driver of a BMW car can enjoy excellent comfort with best on-road safety features that are offered by the carmaker. EDC functions by bringing down the wheel load’s variations and by making sure that the car’s tires have great traction. It’s because of the EDC that the impact of an uneven road surface and potholes can be reduced to a large extent. Not only does the EDC increase comfort while driving, it also improves the tires’ roll characteristics. Electronic Damping Control also makes the vehicle safe and stable while driving.

Dynamic Driving Control

Increased stability, unmatched comfort and extreme agility while you are driving your BMW on bends are some of the features of the Dynamic Driving Control technique. DDC reduces body roll so that it can be distributed evenly between both the axles. The aim of this functionality is to ensure a relaxed ride for the car’s occupants. Active stabilizers are used by Dynamic Drive on both the rear and front axles so that the tendency of the vehicle to roll into a corner can be counteracted. These stabilizers have an ability to continuously adapt themselves with the changing driving condition and changes in the self-steering behavior of a BMW vehicle.

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